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MediaTek, LG face US patent infringement probe

20 MAR 2017

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) opened an investigation into allegations of patent infringement made by semiconductor manufacturer AMD against MediaTek, LG, Sigma Designs and Vizio.

AMD’s complaint relates to the use of technology in graphics systems commonly found in smartphones, tablets, wearables and televisions. It also covers several other consumer products using a graphics processor or integrated circuit featuring technology deemed to be protected by the AMD patent portfolio.

The company is looking to USITC to impose a limited exclusion order – which prevents any goods featuring the protected technology entering the US – and cease and desist orders – which ban the importation and sale of the products by domestic companies.

In its filing, AMD also demands the imposition of a fee for any products imported during the gap between an adjudication and the imposition of any sanctions.

The investigation follows a complaint filed by AMD on 24 January, and refers to patents held within its ATI Technologies business unit, which the company purchased in 2006.

USITC investigates the importation of goods into the US, which include protected, or thought to be protected, technology. After the appointment of an investigator, a USITC investigation will take around 45 days with any action expected to be effective 60 days following its completion.


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