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Masmovil claims Europe sustainability crown

27 MAY 2021

Masmovil claimed it became the first operator in Europe to achieve a long-term United Nations (UN) goal involving net zero carbon emissions, the latest operator to contribute to a broader industry move to reduce its environmental impact.

The operator stated it embarked on a comprehensive programme to lower emissions from its main and third-party operations, while also targeting energy consumption and even its use of printer ink, among other efforts.

“We are demonstrating that business projects can be developed that generate value and positive impact for customers, employees, shareholders and the planet”, Masmovil CEO Meinrad Spenger commented.

Masmovil stated it achieved the goal well in advance of the 2050 deadline set by the UN. Its efforts were certified by the Ecology and Development Foundation following an audit of its greenhouse gas emissions and offset methods employed over a 12-month period.

The company also claimed a tree planting project resulted in it having the lowest level of residual emissions, those remaining after taking all technically and economically possible steps to cut discharge.

Other steps taken include using renewable energy sources, improved efficiency of network operations, and optimising the lifecycle of products.

The UN recently praised the mobile industry’s efforts to achieve its carbon neutral goal, which industry association GSMA stated had hit a tipping point at the turn of this year.

Telefonica and Vodafone Group have also detailed ambitions to achieve the UN target well in advance of the deadline.



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