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Ligado makes 5G case to FCC

24 MAY 2016

Ligado Networks is pushing ahead with plans to build a 5G network in the US, revealing details of a proposal to national regulator Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use its mid-band spectrum for the roll-out.

Ligado, which rebranded from LightSquared in February after emerging from bankruptcy last year, said “it is eager to be an integral part of this new wireless age”, with ambitions to “finally” deploy its mid-band spectrum for third party use, and solve the country’s “data-driven” problem.

Formerly known as LightSquared, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012 after being banned from launching a wireless network, using the mid-band spectrum, by the FCC, following objections from the country’s GPS players.

Since it began operating again, it has talked up its desire to use the spectrum “to support the growing number of connected applications on the market”.

In a blog post, Ligado CEO Doug Smith said the company worked with interested stakeholders in government and across industry on its 5G plan, which proposes the use of mid-band spectrum “as a greenfield opportunity that is aligned with commission’s stated goals of providing the foundation of the 5G future”.

“By deploying at least 40MHz of smart capacity on mid-band spectrum, we can create a model of at least a partial 5G network… that will enable 5G use cases and mobile applications that require ultra-reliable, highly secure and persuasive connectivity,” he added.

It also wants the FCC to bar terrestrial use of a 10MHz block near the GPS frequencies, proposing that the block should be used for satellite only, and lobbied for “a government conducted single national auction, for spectrum adjacent to our upper band”.

Smith added that the GPS industry “has demonstrated acceptance of our proposal and will likely benefit from it”, adding that there is no evidence that GPS users or manufacturers will be harmed.

Ligado has reached settlements with three GPS device manufacturers, following long running court battles, since emerging from bankruptcy.

“We’ve taken all of these steps because we genuinely believe Ligado’s mid-band spectrum is a complementary asset that will fill an essential need in future 5G deployments,” added Smith.


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