KT CEO: Operators must exploit next-gen services

KT CEO: Operators must exploit next-gen services

02 APR 2013

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Suk-Chae Lee, CEO of KT, said operators must change their approach if they are to avoid missing out on opportunities in the mobile broadband era.

“We cannot this time let others exploit all the spaces we are creating. This time we should try to explore the potential for ourselves,” he said.

Lee said operators have the opportunity to offer and monetise services enabled by their next-generation networks, such as M2M, e-learning and e-health.

The KT chief added that the move to LTE “can create enormous extra space which will not be used for communication only. And in that space I think new business opportunities will arise as we saw in the fixed-line era”.

Lee proposed that operators create a marketplace where producers, distributors and consumers can come together and operators can claim fees for services being traded there.

“We can aggregate the consumer base that each operator has – then it will be a free trade zone for virtual goods,” he said.

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