Neelie Kroes (pictured), vice president of the European Commission (EC), outlined the thinking behind her proposed regulation to overhaul how mobile operators enter new markets.

She said the new legislation would replace 28 different registration requirements with one single point of authorisation and notification in the EU.

This simplified approach will lower entry barriers for operators, as well as reduce the costs of service provision, she said.

Kroes unveiled her package of telecoms reforms in September and MEPs have started discussions on possible amendments to the draft regulation.

In addition, she said the package will enable smaller operators to expand more across borders because it would reduce their regulatory burdens and costs.

Under the reforms, operators below a certain size are freed from contributing to regulator’s administrative costs and paying into a country’s universal service fund.

Finally, Kroes said the package would ensure more consistent treatment from regulators for larger, multi-country operators which would encourage new business development.