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Key Intel chip R&D site gets bigger

12 APR 2022

Intel completed a $3 billion expansion of a US semiconductor fabrication plant dedicated to advancing Moore’s Law, adding 270,000 square feet of clean room space to develop next-generation silicon process technologies.

The Mod3 expansion at Intel’s D1X facility is one element in a strategy to recapture the company’s lead in semiconductor technology unveiled by CEO Pat Gelsinger in 2021.

Intel carries out most of its research on new process nodes at the site, which are then finalised and copied at its other facilities around the globe.

The Mod3 expansion brings Intel’s total investment in Oregon to more than $52 billion.

Intel also changed the name of the near 500-acre campus to Gordon Moore Park at Ronler Acres in recognition of the company’s co-founder who developed Moore’s Law, which states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit should double around every two years.



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