LIVE FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WORLD, COPENHAGEN: Top executives from India-based Jio Platforms credited efforts to bring in young software-focused talent into their organisation for opening new possibilities to harness connectivity architecture.

Speaking in the opening keynote session, Jio Platforms president and CEO Kiran Thomas and COO Anish Shah (pictured) discussed how the company disrupted India’s communications market, alongside outlining ambitions to build applications on infrastructure from affiliate Reliance Jio’s upcoming 5G rollout.

The pair noted one of its key resources was developing internal digital skills for its in-house systems and to open new opportunities.

As a relatively new player, Shah noted recruiting talent had initially been an issue, but said it had now gone from a roster of 500 to 12,000 following various initiatives.

“Talent is always a challenge. When we started nobody knew Jio. We were not in the top three list for any engineering grad,” he stated, noting after recruitment drives the company was “young today in terms of engineering capabilities”.

Shah recommended bringing “young, fresh talent” out of engineering schools. “Our average age is 27 years and we are able to harness that young talent who really start working and thinking about products and solutions using software [and] cloud native architecture”.