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IoT expert urges industry to seize AI advantage

27 SEP 2018

LIVE FROM COMARCH USER GROUP 2018, KRAKOW, POLAND: Comarch believes companies are still not making the most of artificial intelligence (AI) to minimise security risks and optimise costs, despite the technology already being present in many IoT use cases.

Wojciech Martyniak, M2M and IoT product manager at the software company (pictured) said a continuous increase in IoT devices and sensors are creating data at an unbelievably high level which humans cannot possibly hope to process: an aircraft engine, for instance, produces hundreds of GB of data every hour.

If such data is processed by AI, it can allow identification of previously unknown issues in devices which may be responsible for quality problems and security threats.

Additionally, AI can help service providers detect anomalies, such as unexpected mobility changes. Martyniak explained there have been instances when SIM cards from traffic lights have been stolen and used to make calls, racking up a huge bill in the process. AI could instantly alert service providers to such scenarios he said.

However, Martyniak acknowledged that implementing an AI system is challenging: it takes time; has high entry costs; and AI specialists are still in short supply, so companies need to weigh pros and cons carefully.



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