LIVE FROM MWC21 BARCELONA: Industry experts maintained digital technology served an important role in tackling climate change challenges, emphasising connectivity, IoT and big data as driving forces behind current efforts.

In a panel discussion, the GSMA’s head of Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation Kimberly Brown (pictured, far left) said mobile technology is uniquely placed to provide the tools enabling society to adapt to climate challenges.

Vanessa Gray, head of emergency telecoms and environment at the ITU (pictured, on screen), concurred, explaining technology can help provide data on resource consumption, waste management and air quality.

Telefonica IoT and Big Data global director of product and business operations Elena Gil Lizasoain (pictured, second from left), explained IoT technology is already having a positive effect on sustainability efforts.

Citing agriculture as an example, she noted benefits of big data, machine learning and AI around analysis of soil, water and weather, which were delivering a boost in terms of the efficiency of farming.

However, Lizasoain highlighted scaling the technology as a key challenge.

“The only way this can scale is if we are able to do something that is sustainable, so need some ramp up funds to make sure we can have everything in place”.