INTERVIEW: Indiegogo CEO Andy Yang (pictured) explained the company developed a feature to enable entrepreneurs to continuously raise capital, as the crowdfunding platform moves to expand its offerings.

The executive outlined its InDemand feature as a key difference between the company and its competitors, as it “helps entrepreneurs fund beyond their initial campaign”, enabling them to stick with the platform “and continue to raise capital”.

“We have this entrepreneur community and this backer consumer community, and we are trying to connect them through conversation and different campaigns”.

Since the start of his tenure in May, Yang said he has seen a rise in the number of repeat entrepreneurs and campaigners using the platform. This is currently concentrated on North America, which comprises about a third of the company’s business.

Yang also discussed some of the most notable projects in the mobile tech sector which are supported by the platform, along with its participation in the 4 Years From Now event at MWC19 Los Angeles.

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