Iliad Group CEO Thomas Reynaud argued its third quarter results demonstrated unrivalled growth potential for the company, pointing to increased market share in France, Italy and progress with a major money acquisition of Play in Poland during 2020.

In an earnings statement, Reynaud broke out developments in the three nations, pointing to growth in fibre take-up in France, a strong network rollout in Italy resulting in increased core profit, and adding its acquisition of Play “can be described as a success”.

Its success was represented by its numbers, with Q3 revenue rising 34.6 per cent year-on-year to €1.9 billion, with the figure in France up 5 per cent to €1.3 billion.

In Italy, revenue grew 21 per cent to €207 million, with Poland bringing in €401 million, the first time it recorded Q3 numbers for the unit since its takeover.

The company did not provide a net profit figure.

Its active subscriber base grew by 643,000, with mobile at 552,000 and fixed 82,000. Iliad said it ended the quarter with 40.8 million active subscribers in total, with 33.7 million coming from mobile services.

Mobile ARPU rose 4.7 per cent to €11.40, although sale of devices declined 3.8 per cent to €42 million.