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Iliad adds fibre to Italian diet

25 JAN 2022

Iliad Italia unveiled a much-anticipated wireline service, adding a fibre option to its current mobile service in the market and hinting at plans to continue a strategy of disruption since it entered the market in 2018.

During a presentation streamed via social media, Iliad Italia CEO Benedetto Levi (pictured) said the fibre service would provide download speeds of up to 5Gb/s and upload speeds of up to 700Mb/s in Bologna, Milan and Turin.

Elsewhere, speeds are capped at 1Gb/s down and 300Mb/s up. Iliad’s mobile subscribers are being lured with a €15.99 monthly fee, with new customers charged €23.99. Prices include the iliadbox modem and a Wi-Fi extender.

The operator had been teasing an imminent “revolution” on Twitter and is clearly planning to disrupt the fixed-line market in the same way it turned the mobile market on its head after sparking a fierce contest with incumbent mobile operators Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia and WindTre.

Iliad formed partnerships with wholesale fibre providers, with its parent agreeing to invest an undisclosed amount in Telecom Italia fixed spin-off FiberCop, in turn gaining access to the incumbent’s primary fibre network.

The French-headquartered company also formed a deal with Open Fiber.

Iliad Group is now offering fixed and mobile services in its three main markets of France, Italy and Poland.

There is also speculation of a tie-up with Vodafone Italy, as the operators look to end the fierce competition in the nation.



Anne Morris

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