Lauren Kunze, CEO of conversational AI developer Iconiq (pictured), predicted the use of avatars will become prevalent in business, but warned training in the use of AI is needed to avoid abuse of the technology.

In a keynote on the third day of MWC23 Barcelona, Kunze argued there is a need for ethical AI standardisation to protect users.

“There is a clear consumer demand for applying AI for all kinds of things”, Kunze stated, adding “businesses ignoring the technology will risk missing the boat like those who dismissed mobile in early 2000”.

The CEO pointed to the significance of the technology and why it has sparked widespread deployments: “AI based on language modelling, like chatbots, can make humans feel emotionally satisfied”.

But she highlighted the potential for AI to provide a new route for online threats and harassment in chatbots. Human involvement can help mitigate these risks, she explained.

Kunze argued ethical AI standards will also help to protect users and, in turn, prevent any impact on businesses arising from a lack of proper governance.