IBM played-up benefits for 5G deployments as it unveiled a suite of edge computing products targeted at operators and enterprises.

The portfolio includes Telco Network Cloud Manager, based on subsidiary Red Hat’s open source software, which handles automation and orchestration of virtualised and container-based network functions; and Edge Application Manager, built to enable remote automation and management of up to 10,000 edge nodes by a single administrator.

IBM Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter told journalists the products are meant to support operators’ and enterprises’ transition to 5G, highlighting edge cloud computing as a necessary component for effective delivery of new services.

She noted adoption of a hybrid multi-cloud model can help operators consistently process data across the network core and edge, improving efficiency, security and responsiveness.

“As 5G matures, it will become the network technology that underpins delivery of telco services and moving toward a cloud architecture will be essential to make all that really work together.”

IBM also unveiled Telco Network Cloud Ecosystem, comprising equipment, IT and software vendors including Cisco, Dell Technologies, Juniper, Intel, NVIDIA and Samsung.

Complementing it all are IBM teams to assist operators and businesses deploy 5G and edge services.

Earlier this year, Dell Technologies and Google also made edge computing moves, involving hardware and software.