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IBM expert wants security placed at heart of 5G

11 JUN 2019

INTERVIEW: An IBM security chief warned against complacency when it comes to 5G protection, arguing the technology will require the entire industry to be vigilant against the emergence of new threats.

Martin Borrett, CTO of IBM Security Europe (pictured), told Mobile World Live the industry must ensure security is embedded into 5G standards “by design, not by accident” and build sufficient agility into systems to address vulnerabilities as they arise.

The more 5G is embedded into the fabric of everyday life, in IoT-connected devices for instance, the more important resilience and the ability to quickly respond to threats will become, Borrett added.

But while “the sheer speed and the pervasiveness of 5G are maybe going to challenge us in some ways we can’t necessarily predict today”, the CTO said the basics of security will remain the same and will require a holistic approach.

“It’s not just about the networks. We need to think about the data that’s flowing over the networks; we need to think about the applications, the users of those systems, and make sure we have the right security in place”.

For more on how Borrett thinks 5G will change the security landscape, click here.



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