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Huawei reveals cloud network vision

28 NOV 2016

LIVE FROM HUAWEI MOBILE BROADBAND FORUM 2016, TOKYO: Huawei revealed a plan to deliver “the full cloudification of wireless networks”, grouping together products under the ‘ERA’ banner.

ERA has three components: one for cloud-based core networks (CloudEdge), one for cloud-based radio access networks (CloudRAN), and a cloud based air interface, CloudAir.

CloudEdge was released at Mobile World Congress in 2014, and has since been deployed in more than 10 commercial sites and landed more than 60 commercial contracts. It is said to enable the convergence of multiple radio access technologies and offer flexibility through network slicing and tailored scenario-based solutions.

CloudRAN followed in April, to support the cloudification of wireless network architecture, paving the way for cloud-based radio access networks. It has passed business verification procedures in China, Italy, South Korea and Japan, and is expected to be commercially deployed in Q3 2017.

The newest component is CloudAir, which is intended to enable more efficient sharing of air interface resources like spectrum, power and channels.

“Like SingleRAN enabled the same hardware to support 2G, 3G and 4G simultaneously, CloudAir enables the same spectrum to support multiple access technologies. In this way, the spectrum will be cloudified and shared efficiently,” Edward Deng, president of Huawei Wireless Solution, said at MBBF 2016.

“As a new innovation, now CloudAir is just at the beginning. Like SingleRAN ten years ago, it will become more powerful and bring more value to customers in the future. I think all industry partners can participate in the joint innovation of CloudAir and achieve more benefits,” he continued.

More details have been promised at Mobile World Congress 2017.


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