Huawei’s chief for Western Europe said the company was willing to make sweeping changes to its business in a bid to allay security fears and quash pressure on regulators to ban its equipment.

In an interview with Financial Times, Vincent Peng said the company would do “anything” to prove it could be trusted and clarify its role in the supply chain. Measures mooted include restructuring its business, and rebuilding its processes and products if necessary.

Peng’s comments come during escalating scrutiny of Huawei from authorities around the world and against a backdrop of a ban in the US and restrictions on supplying 5G infrastructure in other markets.

Security chiefs in the UK are among those to voice concerns about the company, despite Huawei engaging with authorities in the country and forming the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre in 2010.

Last week, reports emerged UK incumbent BT would remove all of Huawei’s equipment from the core network of its EE mobile unit within two years.

Despite the apparent focus on excluding Huawei in recent weeks, a number of operators have named the vendor as a partner in 5G testing and planning. The vendor said it had signed 22 commercial 5G contracts by the middle of November.