Russia hit Alphabet’s Google with a fine of RUB21.1 billion ($364.3 million) for what the country’s communications regulator stated was a repeated failure to remove content deemed illegal, as tensions between the company and the state continue to escalate.

Regulator Roskomnadzor announced in a statement the Tagansky District Court had handed out the fine for the company’s failure to restrict access to banned material, in particular highlighting violations on Google’s YouTube platform.

It announced court action against the company last month.

Roskomnadzor accused YouTube of failing to prohibit fake content about Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, material promoting extremism and terrorism, and content calling for children to participate in unauthorised protests.

The fine was calculated based on a share of Google’s annual turnover in the country, and is the second to be issued in the space of a year: in late 2021, Russia hit the company with a $134 million penalty.

Russia has had ongoing tensions with the technology giant over content on YouTube it deems illegal for a long time, but its relationship has deteriorated further since its war in Ukraine began.

Google announced it was filing for bankruptcy in the country in May after its bank account was seized, while Alphabet suspended the vast majority of its commercial activities in Russia in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.