Indian competition officials followed European Union counterparts by probing allegations Google abused the market dominance of its Android platform, Reuters reported.

Sources told the news agency the Competition Commission of India (CCI) began probing potential abuse of Android’s position six months ago, following a complaint filed by a group of individuals.

A similar, three year, investigation by the European Commission resulted in Google being fined €4.3 billion in mid-2018 after the commission deemed requirements for Android device makers to use Google apps illegal.

Reuters stated Google executives have met with Indian officials to discuss the matter. The CCI must now decide whether the case merits further investigation or if it should be dismissed.

“It is on the lines of the EU case, but at a preliminary stage,” a source told the news agency. Another source said the EC’s action would make it difficult for the CCI to reject further investigation without demonstrating “the problem has been addressed”.

Following the EC fine, Google announced plans to stop bundling preinstalled apps with its Android platform and instead charge manufacturers a fee to licence its apps, as part of a bid to avoid additional fines.

Google has been in trouble in India before.

In February 2018, the CCI imposed an INR1.36 billion ($19.3 million) fine on the company for abusing its dominance in online web search and search advertising markets.

Google appealed against the fine, stating it could cause irreparable harm and reputational loss.