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Google caps Project Fi data fees

18 JAN 2018

Google announced it will cap data costs for its Project Fi MVNO service, creating what amounts to an unlimited plan for $80 per month.

The Bill Protection plan limits data charges to $60 per month for a single line while still allowing customers to continue using high speed data. Combined with a $20 per month plan for unlimited calls and texts, the cap means Project Fi now offers individuals an $80 unlimited plan (the service historically billed customers for the amount of data used at a rate of $10 per GB).

Customers on group plans can also use Bill Protection, but the data charge cap differs depending on the number of customers on a plan: data charges for a plan with two lines are capped at $100, while a group of four is limited to $140.

Google said Bill Protection will apply across domestic and international data, as well as data-only SIM cards used in laptops, tablets and cars. But it won’t be a data free for all.

As with traditional unlimited plans, Google’s version comes with a 15GB monthly usage ceiling, after which customers will experience slower speeds. Google said users will be able to opt out of throttling by paying the standard $10 per GB rate after the limit is reached, but noted less than 1 per cent of current Project Fi users consume more than 15GB in a month.


Diana Goovaerts

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