Google outlined a major push to develop Japan’s digital infrastructure with the construction of its first data centre in the country, part of a wider $730 million investment plan to accelerate the use of its services and increase its presence in Asia.

In a blog, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the data centre would open in 2023, becoming its third-largest location in the region after sites in Taiwan and Singapore.

The Japanese site will provide increased access to its “tools and services, support economic activity and jobs”, while connecting the nation to “the rest of the global digital economy”.

In 2021, Google announced a $730 million Japan infrastructure investment plan covering the period to 2024, a move which also involves constructing a subsea cable to connect the country with Canada.

Google explained it aims to assist Japanese entrepreneurs working in fields including healthcare and education.

“We look forward to helping more people in Japan benefit from the opportunities technology brings, over the decade ahead and beyond,” added Pichai.