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Germany stops short of 5G vendor bans in security rules

16 DEC 2020

Germany’s government resisted US pressure to outlaw use of 5G equipment from Chinese vendors, approving proposed IT security regulations which impose stricter rules but fall short of outright bans.

Despite long-running pressure from US authorities and restrictions on Huawei equipment in other countries in Europe, reports coming out of Germany in the last two years have maintained the state would attempt to retain a level playing field for all vendors.

In a statement explaining the content of Germany’s Second IT Security Act, the Federal Ministry of the Interior noted the new rules cleared relevant authorities to probe IT and telecommunications networks for security gaps.

It also pointed to a certification programme for critical infrastructure components.

Reporting from a press conference in Berlin on the proposed rules, Associated Press stated vendors supplying equipment for critical infrastructure would be required to provide guarantees their kit couldn’t be used for spying or terrorism. Companies failing to fulfil the criteria could subsequently be banned.

The rules must now pass through the country’s parliament before becoming law.



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