GenCell creates off-grid power for operators

GenCell creates off-grid power for operators

07 FEB 2022

Off-grid energy company GenCell Energy announced a product designed to power telecom infrastructure using hydrogen created from ammonia and teased the revelation of a European operator deal at MWC22 Barcelona.

GenCell Energy stated the fuel cell can be used as a primary power source for mobile sites in any location and can operate for up to six months without servicing or refuelling.

A GenCell Energy representative told Mobile World Live it is preparing to reveal a deal with a top-tier European operator.

They added tests had been conducted with several operators and GenCell Energy is moving into trials, with commercial deployments expected in 2023.

Ammonia comprises three hydrogen atoms bonded to one nitrogen atom and provides more energy density than pure hydrogen, making it easier to transport.

GenCell Energy previously used the system to provide backup power to utilities, network operators and other mission-critical service providers in 22 countries.

CEO Rami Reshef stated ammonia is “readily available and inexpensive”, with more than 200 million tonnes produced and distributed globally each year.

Earlier this month, GenCell Energy teamed with infrastructure services provider Aicox Soluciones, which conducted a live demonstration in Spain to showcase the fuel cell technology to telecom companies.



Martha DeGrasse

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