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French politicians back 5G security bill

04 JUL 2019

A group of French MPs and senators agreed on the detail of a proposed law, which would require the country’s operators to seek direct permission from authorities about equipment used in 5G networks.

The bill was given the green light by the group, which was charged with assessing national security issues around the deployment of 5G. It will now be heard by the complete senate and parliament before going to French President Emmanuel Macron for final sign-off.

If adopted, it will set stringent security regulations related to 5G networks and outline the severity of punishments for non-compliance. The original proposal stated the aim was to: “Ensure the development of 5G while preserving the interests of defense and national security of France.”

A statement made yesterday (3 July) by the working group looking into the issue added the risks of 5G were due to the new industrial use cases opened up by the technology, including connected vehicles, next generation factories and telesurgery. The regulations will not cover previous technology generations.

Authorities began the process in March, when pressure was being applied by the US for partner countries to follow its stance on restricting the use of Huawei equipment in 5G networks. Shortly after France initiated its review, the European Commission outlined its position calling for a common approach to 5G security across all 28 member states.



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