A French appeals court reportedly cut a record fine slapped on Apple for alleged uncompetitive policies from €1.1 billion to €371.6 million, though both sides indicated further action on the levy could be in the offing.

Reuters reported the Paris Court of Appeal threw out one of three charges made against Apple by The French Competition Authority in 2020 over the company’s policies towards retailers and distributors, and adjusted the remainder of the sum.

Newspaper Le Monde noted full details of the decision are expected to be published later today (7 October).

Citing comments from respective representatives, Le Monde noted Apple planned to appeal with the aim of getting the whole case thrown out, while the competition authority will assess whether to appeal the court’s decision to cut the fine.

Original grievances laid out by the competition authority covered wholesale practices it claimed “sterilised the market”; depriving premium resellers of adequate new product supply; and implementing measures to prevent distributors lowering prices.

The fine followed a lengthy investigation commenced after a complaint made in 2012 by a then distributor of Apple products in the country.