Video interview: Ford progressing with Blueprint for Mobility

Ford updates on Blueprint for Mobility progress

11 APR 2013

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Paul Mascarenas, CTO of auto maker Ford, provided further insight into the company’s Blueprint for Mobility initiative, which is aimed at integrating mobile technology into vehicles.

Announced by CEO Bill Ford at Mobile World Congress in 2012, Mascarenas told Mobile World Live in a recent video interview that the company is now looking at various business models for the initiative, as well as technologies and vehicle concepts, to “provide a personal mobility service which allows for safe, efficient and affordable transportation when our customers need it”.

He added that the company has taken steps to work more closely with the mobile industry as it develops vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

“That obviously requires us to work not only collaboratively with other auto manufacturers — so that we’ve got consistent standards, consistent communication messages — but also with some of the telecommunication companies… to make sure that we’ve got the supporting infrastructure in place,” he said.

Mascarenas stressed the importance of safety for Ford’s mobility strategy and explained that the focus is on voice commands, which mean drivers “keep their hands on the wheel, they can keep their eyes on the road and continue to focus on the primary task of driving”.

Ford’s AppLink technology, which allows users to control smartphone apps using the SYNC interface, has seen progress, including a recent deal to run the Spotify music streaming service in vehicles.

“We’re continuing to build off the SYNC platform to add more and more functionality and bring more and more content to the vehicle,” Mascarenas said.

You can watch the interview here.


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