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Ford targets C-V2X in 2022

07 JAN 2019

Ford unveiled plans to install cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connectivity in all new models released in the US from 2022, though warned the technology could only be deployed effectively if a conducive regulatory environment is in place.

C-V2X allows cars to use mobile technology to communicate with other vehicles and roadside infrastructure to warn drivers about potential hazards and other issues in advance.

In a blog, Ford connected vehicle platform and product executive director Don Butler confirmed the company’s plans, and noted use of the protocol could both increase vehicle safety and help authorities improve traffic flow.

“Planned alongside the rapidly building 5G cellular network, C-V2X enables direct communication between the connected devices, meaning a signal doesn’t need to first travel to a cellular tower, allowing vehicles to quickly send and receive information,” Butler explained.

He added the technology could also act as a complement to self driving car sensors in automated vehicles.

However, Butler noted the right regulation must be in place for the technology to reach its potential, adding it was: “inviting other automakers, infrastructure and road operators, as well as government agencies to work with us to accelerate momentum for C-V2X.”

Ford is one of a number of vehicle manufacturers to back the technology, alongside wireless vendors, operators and other infrastructure companies.

The company previously committed to adding mobile connectivity to all of its new vehicle models released in the US by the end of this year.



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