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Ford powers past patent injunction threat

31 MAY 2022

Ford Motor Company became the latest automotive-industry notch on patent pool Avanci’s belt, with a licensing deal covering a stack of standards essential mobile patents which reportedly scuttles the threat of a block on production in Germany.

Avanci pitches itself as something of a one-stop shop for wireless patents for the automotive industry, pooling IP held by various other companies.

The deal with Ford covers 2G, 3G and 4G patents for its connected vehicles held by 49 companies currently involved in Avanci’s pool, along with owners which may join in future.

Specialist blog Foss Patents reported the agreement puts paid to a threatened injunction on Ford production in Germany which was imposed as part of a dispute between the company and Avanci, along with infringement cases filed in the US.

Avanci noted Ford is the fifth US-based automotive player to licence patents in its pool and the 41st in total.



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