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FCC reserves parts of 12GHz for satellites

19 MAY 2023
Five brass-colored doors mark the entrance to FCC headquarters in Washington D.C.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules to preserve spectrum in the 12.2GHz to 12.7GHz band for current and future satellite services, but refused to authorise two-way terrestrial mobile services on the same band.

In a statement following an open meeting, FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks noted field studies by the agency’s engineers concluded that high-powered mobile broadband services deployed across the country would interfere with current and emerging satellite services covering millions of users.

“I would have welcomed a path forward that allowed both services to thrive. But for now, it’s time to adapt.”

SpaceX has contended opening the frequency to mobile operators including Dish Network would interfere with its Starlink satellite broadband service.

The FCC also proposed policies to “position the 12.7GHz to 13.25GHz band to support flexible terrestrial wireless use, including 6G” services, which it is seeking comment on.

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel stated the 12.2GHz to 13.25GHz band could include a mix of licensed, unlicensed and space-based services.

“Count this more than 1000MHz as an investment in our wireless future” covering “5G, 6G and beyond,” Rosenworcel stated.

The FCC chief also called for its authority to conduct spectrum auctions to be reinstated.



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