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FCC commissioner eyes further Chinese vendor curbs

31 MAR 2021

A member of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) called for even tighter restrictions to be slapped on companies already on its security risk hit list, alongside new checks on the origins of devices imported from China.

In a statement, Commissioner Brendan Carr pointed to a loophole in regulations he claims allows service providers using state-provided Universal Service Funds cash to continue to buy network equipment despite restrictions.

He argued acquiring equipment produced by any of the five manufacturers on its security risk list using private funds enabled operators to bypass the rules.

“Once we have determined that Huawei or other gear poses an unacceptable national security risk, it makes no sense to allow that exact same equipment to be purchased and inserted into our communications networks as long as federal dollars are not involved.”

Carr also outlined a proposal to strengthen protections against imports of electronics equipment made using alleged forced labour in China, something he noted current FCC approvals processes do not cover.



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