BIG 5G EVENT: Executives from Cisco, T-Mobile US and Ericsson stressed simplicity as key for widespread enterprise 5G adoption, arguing too many options and requirements could be overwhelming.

During a panel session, Cisco VP of product management for mobility and automation Masum Mir said there is demand from large enterprises for sophisticated 5G-powered applications including AR/VR, but flagged a “much bigger” opportunity to offer services to unserved businesses which “have not been able to cross the chasm into the digital economy”.

To clear the way for mass adoption, “we have to make it simpler to consume, simpler to operate, and it has to be cost effective and secure”.

GSMA Intelligence previously identified the enterprise segment as a key 5G opportunity. But T-Mobile VP of strategy, product and solutions engineering Mishka Dehghan noted businesses are “really struggling” with “the multitude of optionalities that we as technology providers are putting in front of them”.

Peter Linder, head of 5G marketing in North America at Ericsson, suggested industry players begin by focusing on two or three use cases and scale options from there based on individual enterprise’s needs.

“Then we can learn between businesses and we can learn between industries, and that I think is critical to get this off the ground.”