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EU institutions back 5G FWA to plug fibre gaps

19 MAY 2022

Representatives from the European Commission (EC) and other bodies in the region highlighted the benefits of fixed wireless access (FWA) 5G deployments during an online event, with the technology backed to aid the region’s connectivity targets.

Speaking at a regulator-focused Forum Europe event, EC head of unit for investment in high-capacity networks Franco Accordino highlighted FWA’s role in aiding efforts to provide gigabit internet speeds.

“The combination of FWA with 5G technology has the potential to significantly contribute to the achievement of the European connectivity targets set for the end of the decade,” Accordino told the Releasing the Potential of FWA in Europe event

“If properly designed and deployed, it can definitely support the gigabit objectives that we have set.”

During the event, FWA 5G received support from representatives from a number of other bodies including the European Investment Bank (EIB), ETNO, Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) and national regulator association BEREC.

EIB director of the department for innovation and competitiveness Felicitas Riedl described the connectivity method as “a useful technological solution to mitigate the market failure of insufficient investments in very high capacity networks (VHCN) in less densely populated areas of the European Union”.

“EIB supports FWA, as its economics are particularly well suited to that kind of sparsely populated environment and, thanks to the lower concentration of traffic in those areas, FWA could be a viable VHCN solution capacity and quality-wise,” he added.

Several operators across the world have already reported success with FWA and, although much of the discussion about the technology is on it becoming an alternative to fibre in rural areas, a GSMA Intelligence report released earlier this year highlighted its potential in more densely populated locations.



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