Operator Elisa received a €100 million loan from Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) to support its investments in 5G networks in Finland and Estonia.

“Our next key investment target is the introduction of 5G networks. The needs of our customers as well as new applications and services require more and more features and speed. The investment funding from NIB will in part ensure that we can provide our customers with access to the very fast network and completely new services enabled by 5G”, Elisa’s CEO, Veli-Matti Mattila, said in a statement.

The company also stated Elisa is the largest investor among Finland’s operators, with capex of more than €200 million annually in infrastructure in the country.

“In the coming years, investments are directed especially towards building the 5G network, starting at the beginning of 2019”, it added.

In June, Elisa said it is “the first operator in the world to begin commercial use” and sales of subscriptions for a next-generation network.