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EE takes fight to Vodafone with unlimited launch

28 AUG 2019

UK market leader EE announced the launch of unlimited data plans for its 4G and 5G networks, joining major rival Vodafone UK as the battle for supremacy in the next-generation of mobile technology hots up.

In a statement, EE said its unlimited data plans come with no speed restrictions, and are available for 4G and 5G SIM-only and smartphone plans.

BT-owned EE’s move into unlimited follows its initial 5G launch at the end of May. Since then, Vodafone UK has also turned on its service, with the offer of unlimited tariffs. The company also ramped up the pressure on its rival by stating it would not charge a premium to customers upgrading to the new network technology.

Rival 3 UK, which launched its fixed wireless access 5G proposition last week, has also made a similar claim.

At the start of this month, BT suggested it would be forced to update its 5G tariff strategy and abandon the premium it was charging for 5G, due to the actions of its rivals.

Unlimited smart plans
For 5G, EE is offering an unlimited Smart Plan, giving customers access to the next-generation mobile technology as well as the option of adding an inclusive Amazon Prime Video subscription, as well as BT Sport access and a Roam Further Pass. With a 5G smartphone, the tariff starts at £69 a month, or a SIM-only option is priced at £44 a month.

A 4G unlimited plan with a smartphone starts from £64 a month and provides a benefit swap option, giving customers the flexibility to change their add-ons. SIM-only unlimited 4G plans start at £34 a month.

EE pointed out that its unlimited plans come with a 100GB monthly giftable data allowance, alowing customers to share their data to additional lines linked to the account. This increases to 120GB if taking a 5G smart handset plan.

An unlimited data offer on EE’s Smart Plan also enables customers to upgrade smartphones before contracts expire.



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