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Dish trials CBRS small cell

16 DEC 2021

Dish Network partnered with US-based start-up FreedomFi to pilot use of mobile equipment in consumers’ homes to offload operators’ network traffic.

The operator explained the trial could enable current and future customers to access FreedomFi’s network of home-based hotspots.

FreedomFi founder Boris Renski told Mobile World Live the companies are working on roaming agreements which could cover customers of Dish Network’s MVNO Boost Mobile and future 5G users.

The start-up offers cryptocurrency as an incentive for customers to offload mobile traffic, Renski explained.

FreedomFi began shipping open-source 5G gateways in September which are compatible with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), mid-band shared spectrum which can be accessed in the US without a licence.

It is now adding a small cell to its portfolio, which it stated can be used by people with “zero knowledge of LTE or 5G”. An initial batch of 50,000 units is being produced by Sercomm.

Chris Ergen, head of innovation for Dish Wireless head of innovation Chris Ergen branded the pilot “a valuable opportunity to further connectivity, innovation and openness”.



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