Oracle joined a growing list of vendors working with Dish Network to deploy a 5G network in the US, being tasked with providing a service-based architecture for the operator’s core.

Service-based architecture is part of the 3GPP 5G standard, covering automated coordination of network functions to speed the launch of new features for enterprise customers.

Dish EVP and chief network officer Marc Rouanne explained Oracle’s systems would enable the operator’s customers “to consume software on demand” while enabling “advanced core functions required to power a truly automated network”.

Oracle’s Policy Control Function is among the systems covered by the Dish deal, a boost for the company’s ambition to add 5G to current 4G deployments of the product.

Other systems covering network slicing and security are also included.

Oracle could give Dish an advantage in the enterprise sector due to its deep relationships across a range of industries and its targeted software, which may deliver a boost in terms of integrating with a businesses’ current set-up.

Consultancy umlaut predicts the enterprise sector will be a key target in terms of generating revenue from 5G, the latest to forecast the market is on track to surpass consumer sector sales.

Oracle SVP and general manager for networks, Andrew Morawski, proclaimed Dish “is completely disrupting the wireless industry” and would enable “digital transformation journeys across many diverse industries”.

The Oracle deal is the latest in a string of arrangements made by Dish as it moves towards launching its service, with a recent agreement with AWS covering network hosting.