Dish Network stated it reinstated the ability customers of its Boost Mobile brand to access account information as it provided an update on its bid to recover from a cyberattack in February.

The operator last week explained Boost Mobile subscribers can pay their bills online, at stores and through apps.

Dish Network remains tight-lipped on the details of the attack:

Brett Callow, a threat analyst at anti-virus software company Emsisoft, told Mobile World Live (MWL) a lack of detail from Dish Network about the attack makes it hard to interpret what happened.

“It could mean that it impacted multiple systems and so far they’ve only been able to rebuild that one,” he said of the Boost Mobile update.

A Dish Network representative told MWL restoring all of its “customer experiences” was a top priority: “our teams are making progress on the customer service front every day, but it will take a little time before all of our systems are fully restored”.

Dish Network also increased its call centre capacity and social media response capabilities to help customers, the representative stated.