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Dish Network seeks spectrum concession for tests

10 SEP 2021

Dish Network asked the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to use spectrum owned by Bluewater Wireless in two markets, explaining it is unable to adequately test carrier aggregation using its own spectrum.

The US satellite and MVNO operator, which is building a greenfield cloud-based 5G network using open RAN technology, told the regulator Bluewater Wireless had agreed to share its spectrum in Las Vegas, Nevada and Denver, Colorado.

In a filing, Dish Network explained its current allocation of 600MHz F and G block spectrum delivered “contiguous blocks of paired 5x5MHz licences”, but the planned carrier aggregation tests required “non-contiguous spectrum blocks” which Bluewater Wireless’ A Block licences deliver.

Dish Network noted it also requires more spectrum than it currently owns in order to conduct the tests, “due to insufficient bandwidth in the two test markets”.

The company is requesting a 90-day Special Temporary Authority to use Bluewater Wireless’ spectrum, stating tests will be completed by the year-end.

Dish Network previously detailed plans to trial its 5G network in Las Vegas this year and hopes to demonstrate it at CES in January 2022.

In addition to a temporary need for spectrum for testing purposes, Dish Network explained it “anticipates needing more low-band spectrum in some markets to meet customer demand in the future”.

More 600MHz spectrum could become available in the future, either through FCC auctions or partnerships, the company wrote,

If it can acquire more 600MHz spectrum, Dish Network plans to use it for carrier aggregation, which it explained will “add capacity and improve data throughput speeds”.



Martha DeGrasse

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