Dish Network revealed it remains uncertain if customer data was compromised in a cyberattack last month, telling Mobile World Live (MWL) an investigation into what information was obtained by hackers is ongoing.

The company stated incident response and business continuity plans have been activated to assess what information was accessed in the attack on 23 February. It added customers would be informed if personal data was exposed.

Dish Network revealed the attack in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 27 February, explaining some of its internal communications, customer call centres and websites had been impacted.

The company’s post-paid Boost Infinite and pre-paid Boost Mobile websites were involved in the attack, which Dish Network told the SEC had resulted in “certain data” being taken.

Dish Network told MWL many of its customers were having trouble reaching its service desks, accessing their accounts and making payments, though it’s TV and wireless services continued to operate.

A Twitter user posted Boost Mobile customers remain unable to access services or their accounts: “We’ve been digitally kidnapped. Can’t move to another company without losing our numbers”.