LIVE FROM IFA 2015: Germany’s Deutsche Telekom will offer higher speeds and more data in its domestic LTE packages, while keeping pricing the same.

The operator announced the revamp to pricing as part of a wider campaign to promote its fixed-mobile package called MagentaEINS.

With the MagentaMobil S and M rate plans, Deutsche Telekom will offer LTE with up to 150 Mb/s in the future. Subscribers to the MagentaMobil L plan can access the operator’s 4G network at up to 300 Mb/s, the maximum available at present.

The operator also said its Data Comfort S and M customers can surf at up to 150 Mb/s immediately, while L customers enjoy LTE speeds of up to 300 Mb/s.

Subscribers to MagentaEINS, the converged package, have already had the maximum LTE speed of up to 300 Mb/s since last year.

The operator said that within 12 months since its launch nearly 1.5 million customers have chosen its MagentaEINS converged package.

Subscribers will also get more data. High-speed data volume for all new and existing MagentaMobil M users is increasing from 1.5 GB per month to 2 GB per month, and for MagentaMobil L customers from 3 GB per month to 4 GB per month. And those subscribers on the MagentaMobil L Plus rate will see their data rate increase from 5 GB per month to 10 GB per month, and the Complete Premium rate increases from 20 GB per month to 30 GB per month.

Deutsche Telekom pushed the point hard in its announcement that all these changes are occurring with no increase to pricing.

The operator also announced a new family-oriented tariff called MagentaMobil Start and Family Card Start. It is targeted at parents with children who are old enough to use mobile phones for the first time. The plan is designed to grow with its young user. It includes a basic rate plan that can be complemented by two data options as needed.  LTE features in the starter rate plans.

The Family Card Start rate plan contains an unlimited parents’ flat rate to a personal phone number in the fixed network, which works even without credit on the SIM card. A preconfigured Internet block in the basic rate provides for additional security in the mobile Internet. The monthly base price of €2.95 is billed through the corresponding mobile contract. The Family Card Start is already included for MagentaEINS customers.