Dell’Oro Group identified a growing opportunity in the fixed wireless access (FWA) equipment market fuelled by demand from North America and the satellite sector, though it predicted Asia-Pacific would reap the benefits of long-term subscriber growth.

In a statement, the research company predicted FWA equipment spending will surpass $25 billion from 2022 to 2026, with revenue to exceed $5 billion in the final year of its forecast.

Dell’Oro included RAN and customer premises equipment in its spending estimates.

The company noted subscriber growth in North America would spur FWA sales in the near-term, citing the broad range of options on offer across CBRS, sub-6GHz and 60GHz technologies.

But upgrades in LTE networks and a focus on closing digital divides in Southeast Asia and the Middle East will result in those regions coming to dominance in the longer-term, Dell’Oro stated.

Dell’Oro VP Jeff Heynen cited a growing opportunity for FWA as an alternative to fixed broadband, citing growth in availability of 5G networks along with low Earth orbit satellite services.