US cable operator Comcast selected Nokia standalone (SA) 5G core network software to improve coverage in dense, high-traffic areas on its CBRS and 600MHz spectrum.

The software includes packet core, and offers near zero-touch automation and ultra-low latency capabilities. Nokia is also providing consulting services and operations software to Comcast.

A Comcast representative told Mobile World Live dual SIM technology allowed it to connect customers to multiple networks.

While Comcast has an agreement with Verizon for its Xfinity Mobile MVNO service, its executives have long mooted pairing the 5G service with its millions of Wi-Fi access points to improve coverage.

The 5G service reduces the cost of Comcast’s MVNO agreement by enabling it to provision more of its own backhaul.

Nokia and Comcast are currently conducting field trials.

The operator previously selected Samsung to provide 5G radios.

Comcast paid $485 million for 830 licences in a CBRS spectrum auction in 2020 and $1.7 billion on 600MHz licences in 2017.