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Comcast aims to master mobile model within 2 years

07 AUG 2018

A Comcast executive revealed shifting the company’s mindset to develop a new sales strategy was the hardest part of its mobile transformation.

Rui Costa, VP of product management and customer experience for Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile service, explained while the company had plenty of experience selling cable, mobile service required a different approach entirely.

“Cable products affect the household, but mobile is the individual. That, in all candour, has been the learning curve for us: how do you better target different people in the household? That is something we are learning through [a system of] test, learn, improve.”

Costa acknowledged it will likely take a couple of years for Comcast to perfect its mobile sales strategy. But one of the offers he said is already gaining traction is the ability for consumers to mix and match different tariffs on the same account: for example, parents opting for Xfinity Mobile’s by-the-gig offer while kids use its unlimited plan.

He noted Verizon introduced a similar option months after Comcast debuted the feature.

The company’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy also proved popular, as Costa said customers are increasingly questioning why they should pay large amounts of money for a new device with only incremental upgrades.

Additional tweaks are on the way as Comcast moves through its product roadmap. For instance, Xfinity Mobile already provides by-the-unit (minute, text or gigabit) international service, but Costa revealed the company is developing an offer to meet customer demand for additional options for travellers.

A video-oriented offer, however, doesn’t appear to be in the offing, despite moves by operators including AT&T and T-Mobile US to hitch OTT video services to their mobile plans.

Xfinity Mobile is only available to existing Comcast customers, and Costa said Comcast has no plans to change the set-up.

But he noted the mobile offer is drawing switchers from operators across the wireless spectrum, including both pre- and post paid customers from all four major US players as well as smaller MVNOs.

Costa added uptake is evenly spread across demographic segments, though customers with more existing Comcast services are more likely to buy its wireless service as well.


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