US vendors Mavenir and Cohere Technologies entered into an agreement designed to accelerate adoption of their respective open RAN products by boosting cross-compatibility.

Cohere Technologies CMO and SVP of business development Ronny Haraldsvik told Mobile World Live (MWL) the plan is to collaborate and integrate into Mavenir’s open RAN product line.

Ray Dolan, Cohere Technologies CEO, stated the company would combine its universal spectrum multiplier (USM) with Mavenir’s 4G and 5G products, and work on using Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) for 6G.

Haraldsvik told MWL OTFS could be used to create a “multi-G” product capable of processing related multiplexing on 4G and 5G, along with waveforms likely to pave the way to 6G.

Roy Chua, founder and principal analyst at research outfit AvidThink, told MWL Mavenir boosts the number of channels available to Cohere Technologies, particularly among operators already working on open RAN tests or deployments.

He added the benefit for Mavenir lies in demonstrating the interoperability of its RICs “with third-party xApps”.

Chua noted the collaboration involves “a known xApp that already has strong associations” with companies including VMware and Juniper Networks.

The open RAN market likely offers Cohere Technologies an easier path to market, as deals with established vendors including Ericsson and Nokia could be challenging given they may not welcome software which extends the lifespan of legacy equipment, potentially weakening demand for new products.