Charter Communications ratcheted up the competition against US operators, launching a converged tariff which includes a free mobile phone line for new and existing customers alongside a range of offers for its current Spectrum Mobile subscribers.

The US cable operator’s Spectrum One tariff blends its Wi-Fi, internet and mobile services. Charter Communications is offering Spectrum One with one free mobile line to new customers for $50 per month over 12 months.

It also lowered the monthly cost of its Spectrum Mobile service from $45 to $30 as part of a promotion for internet customers who switch to an unlimited data package, with one additional line being made available for free over 12 months.

The free line offer is also available to Charter Communication’s current mobile users who tap the unlimited tariff.

Verizon hosts Charter Communications’ MVNO service.

Charter Communications added a total of 396,000 users during Q3 to bring its total to 4.7 million, but its internet additions have tapered off due, in part to competition from fixed wireless access services provided by T-Mobile US and Verizon.

Analyst Jeff Kagan told Mobile World Live mobile broadband is a large competitive threat to Charter Communications, “one key reason for this rollout” as the company moves “to remain competitive in the marketplace”.

Altice USA and Cox Communications are also ramping their MVNO services, while Comcast added 330,000 mobile users during Q3 for a total of 4.9 million.