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BT ups Wi-Fi ante

27 NOV 2018

BT launched Complete Wi-Fi, which it claims makes it the world’s first broadband provider to guarantee customers a “strong reliable signal” throughout their homes.

Complete Wi-Fi uses “unique Wi-Fi discs” which act as range extenders for the company’s Smart Hub 2 router. BT said this will not only this improve coverage, but will also boost speeds, enabling HD video to be streamed in more places around the home.

A single disc could offer an increase in speed of up to 25 per cent in a four bedroom home. With Complete Wi-Fi, customers start with a single disc and can receive up to two more free of charge. If the service fails to deliver the promised strong signal in each room, BT will give a £20 rebate.

Complete Wi-Fi is available to existing BT Plus subscribers for an additional £5 per month.

As operators attempt to sell customers more expensive, higher-speed broadband connections, Wi-Fi has become something of a weak link in the chain. While the technology standards have developed, upgrade rates are slow due to the fact that operator Wi-Fi propositions are integrated with broadband routers, which themselves have a slow refresh rate.

At Broadband World Forum earlier this year, it was noted that operators looking to build their propositions around smart home applications could be impacted by poor in-home Wi-Fi and that consumers often blame the operator for poor network performance, even when Wi-Fi is to blame.

With the wider adoption of OTT content services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the need for robust, high-quality Wi-Fi only becomes more important.



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