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BT gets state funding for drone project consortium

14 NOV 2022

BT Group won UK government backing to fund a consortium and R&D into a long-term drone project it plans to employ to monitor infrastructure in the country.

The operator stated the consortium develops projects involving the deployment of drone technologies in the field of infrastructure and forms part of a programme within the UK Research Institute (UKRI), the nation’s official research and innovation agency.

BT noted the consortium includes multiple industrial and technology companies, with the operator spearheading the project.

The UK government outlined its belief the project can solidify the country’s drone economy, citing potential uses in ports and highways to maximise security and oversee maritime operations.

Drone use cases will include the deployment of AI and data analytics to enable a “seamless integration” between images captured by the technology, operational systems and “actionable insights”, with the information used to identify hazards.

BT added the project aims to provide real-time data transfer and enable this to be “a greater asset” for end users.

The operator argued the deployment of drones and AI promote cost-effective and sustainable strategies in infrastructure management compared with conventional diesel-powered vehicles.

John Davies, chief researcher at BT, said it was taking a “leading role in demonstrating the positive impact drones can have on the economy, specifically helping businesses to become more efficient and supporting the path to net zero”.



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