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Brazil sets 5G auction rules without Huawei ban

26 FEB 2021

Brazillian communications regulator Anatel approved the country’s 5G rules with no restrictions on the use of specific vendors, Estado reported, resisting pressure to slap a ban on use of Huawei kit.

The proposal will now go through other government agencies for approval before an anticipated auction start date before end June.

Anatel’s approved conditions include ambitious timetables on the launch of standalone 5G services on a region-by-region basis, extensive coverage commitments, and the construction of a network for exclusive use by authorities by winners of spectrum in the 3.5GHz band.

Despite pressure from the US trying to persuade authorities in Brazil to ban Huawei on security grounds, which gained support from some politicians in the country and fueled regular media speculation, the rules as published do not include any such clause.

Late last year Reuters reported President Jair Bolsonaro was in favour of imposing the ban, but later reported he had backtracked.

According to the newspaper, for a ban on Huawei to be imposed in the bidding rules a presidential decree would be required, which has so far not been made.



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