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Dish Network Celero smartphone hits Boost MVNO

03 NOV 2021

Dish Network’s MVNO Boost Mobile launched a proprietary Android 5G smartphone it claimed outperformed comparable Samsung devices during in-house speed tests.

The parent company revealed plans for the Celero 5G device in September, with Boost Mobile offering a promotional price of $139.99, half the recommended retail price. The MVNO stated the smartphone is available through its own and others’ retail outlets, and its website.

Boost Mobile CEO Stephen Stokols (pictured) told Mobile World Live having its own phone offers broader compatiblity. “It can work on T-Mobile, it can work on AT&T and eventually, in the near future, it will work on” Dish Network’s 5G infrastructure.

Stokols noted the shift to Dish Network’s own infrastructure will take place when Boost Mobile feels “the network is ready”.

Boost Mobile will be able to transition Celero 5G users from one network to another without “major friction”, Stokols explained, although some will need new SIM cards.

This is expected to ease a transition from current network provider T-Mobile US to AT&T, as the former conducts a controversial shutdown of its CDMA network.

Indeed, Celero 5G is an incentive to trade in CDMA phones for devices compatible with AT&T’s network.

Prepaid opportunity
Stokols noted the US government is boosting the prepaid market with its Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) subsidy programme, which offers qualifying households $50 per month for broadband services including mobile.

“A big percentage of our customers are qualifying”, Stokols said, adding the funding could increase if the government approaves an infrastructure bill.

“It’s not a short-term play; it’s a legitimate attempt to address the systematic digital divide”, Stokols said.

Boost Mobile will let customers purchase devices as well as mobile service with EBB funds. Stokols said his team plans to make phones, tablets, and mobile hotspots available for purchase through the programme.



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