AT&T, Dell and VMware teamed on a multi-access edge compute (MEC) platform for large enterprises they claimed will jump-start private 5G network deployments by removing some of the complexities.

In a blog, Doug Lieberman, senior director of global solutions and co-creation services with Dell’s telecom systems business, stated the platform combines 5G connectivity, infrastructure-as-a-service and multi-cloud compatibility.

The platform includes migration for workloads running on VMware’s virtualised platform along with Dell’s edge processing and physical infrastructure offered through its as-a-service model.

AT&T provides MEC private mobile network and 5G connectivity.

A representative told Mobile World Live the MEC service uses all of its licensed spectrum, except Band 14 (788MHz to 798MHz.)

Lieberman noted combining licensed spectrum with mobile technology creates numerous advantages over Wi-Fi, including stability, more predictable latency, higher reliability and greater range with fewer access points.

He stated MEC platforms can have complexities around deployment, security, scalability and integrating cloud applications. He noted companies might have some of the skills required “to manage 5G edge” products, but “rarely” have the expertise to handle “connectivity and compute”.

Lieberman argued the AT&T MEC with Dell APEX platform can be “delivered and implemented in weeks, not months”, enabling enterprises to “try out new 5G edge services without making heavy capital investments”.